4k HD Premier Projector

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Create your Dream Home Theater at last with our 4k HD Premier Projector.

Projectors have become more common for in-home use and now you can have all the movie night you want with your friends and family with our Elite one. 

4K resolution is now available with Gadget Grabber projectors, and 4k is considered an upgrade or the next generation of HD. When we say HD, it refers to High Definition, by which we mean the resolution size, in this case 1920x1080 pixels  which gives you an extremely clear and sharp picture on your screen. 

Compared to HD resolution, the pixel density of our 4K projected on a screen is four times as much as full HD 1080p.

You can connect our projector to a computer or a DVD or Blu-ray player which is now done with an HDMI connector and it will transmits high-definition (HD) video and sound using the one cable.

Before playing a movie on the projector, set up the projector and connect the computer, DVD or Blu-ray player.

Grab your popcorn, turn off the lights and ACTION.